“Hydrosystem” Ltd. was founded with 100%  private capital.

It covers an area of 30 000 sq m and floor space of 6000 sq m. The company is equipped with 30 computerized numercial control machines and 80 all-purpose machines. It also owes equipment for three kinds of coating - painting, shtome coating and carbonitration. At present our personnel

includes 110 employees of whom 20 persons are engineers.

The major activity of the company is metal processing but in the course of its development it specialized in two main branches:

- Manufacture of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders and parts for them. They are used in all kinds of farming and public utilities machines, electric and engine trucks, road-building machines, presses and other machines and equipment in which setting into motion is achieved with high pressure hydraulic parts.

- Manufacture of medium-large equipment for small garages and workshops. These are hoisting devices for repair of cars, edge-polishing processing machines and medium-size hydraulic axes for chopping wood for fireplaces.

Хидросистем ЕООД - Производство на хидравлични и пневматични цилиндри и части за тях.

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